Last updated: 28 December 2023

Remote CgS Lab

Following CgS lab systems are up. All have been set to BIOS mode "Auto boot after power fail".

Work station IP addresses- ( 5 systems)

  • -

Note: One can use VPN from outside and access these systems.

How to set VPN: Click Here


One can directly access our cgs1 server which has its public IP as Person can login to this server using ssh with port no. 5222

so ssh command (from outside IITK campus) would be-

  • either ssh -p 5222 user@
  • or ssh user@

Access cgs2 ( & cgs3 ( servers -> Users who will access the cgs2 and cgs3 servers from outside, first access cgs1 server then "ssh user@cgs2/3", otherwise access through VPN.

facing any issue contact