Last updated: 22 March 2021


The Cognitive Science program at IIT Kanpur offers a UG minor in Cognitive Science. Details are given below

Students with a CPI of 7.5 or greater is required to apply for a minor in Cognitive Science.

Course Template for Minor in Cognitive Science

Core Courses [18 Credits] 2 Courses from the following list of electives [18 Credits]
1. CGS601A: Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology CGS703A: Self-directed project
2. CGS609A: Cognitive Neuroscience OR BSE656A: Neurobiology SE367: Introduction to Cognitive Science
CS671: Introduction to Natural Language Processing
CS781: Cognition: Memory
CS782: Cognitive Semantics
CS784: Language Acquisition
CS785: Multi-agent Systems: Games, Algorithms, Evolution
CS786: Computational Cognitive Science
CS789: Special Topics in Language Acquisition and Origins
PSY 499 Psychology of Language
PSY760: Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
PSY770: Bilingualism
PSY772: Basics of Human Perception
PSY789: Learning, Memory and Cognition
PSY790: Human Cognitive Processes