Last updated: 06 June 2023


The Cognitive Science department at IIT Kanpur offers a UG minor in Cognitive Science. Details are given below

A CPI of 7.5 or greater is required to apply for a minor in Cognitive Science.

Course template :

Core Courses Name
CGS401A Introduction to Cognitive Science
CGS 402A Applied Cognitive Science
Elective Courses (Any 1) Name
CGS702A (Project Course*)
CGS621A Introduction to Psycholinguistics
CGS622A Cognitive Science of Multilingualism
CGS609A Cognitive Neuroscience
CGS698D Neurobiology of Affect & Motivation
CGS691A Mind: Philosophical Investigations
CGS671A Neural Basis of Learning and Memory
CGS651A Consciousness
CGS786 Computational Cognitive Science
BSE656A Neurobiology
BSE662A Decision-Making and the Brain
CS798 Human Computer Interaction

  • Minor will be consist of three courses (2 core + 1 elective) as described above.

  • The new template will be compulsorily applicable to students who have entered the minor starting July 2022.

  • Students who have enrolled in the minor prior to July 2022 are free to pursue the old template, and shall be awarded the CGS Minor.

  • However, if any student who had enrolled in the minor prior to July 2022 wishes to pursue the new template, they are required to complete both core courses (CGS401 & CGS402).

  • CGS702- The project course has to be added after discussion with faculty members from the Department of Cognitive Science, and only after at least 1 faculty from the Department agrees to mentor the student for the CGS702 Project. Please note that for CGS702 at least one supervisor has to be from the Department of Cognitive Science, if the student chooses to have more than one faculty supervisor.