Last updated: 04 August 2021


The Cognitive Science department at IIT Kanpur offers a UG minor in Cognitive Science. Details are given below

A CPI of 7.5 or greater is required to apply for a minor in Cognitive Science.

As you may have noticed that the template for the Minor in Cognitive Science has recently been updated in July 2021.

However, this is to clarify that if your application for the Cognitive Science Minor has been approved prior to July 2021 then you may continue to do courses as per the previous CGS UG Minor Template and you will be awarded the CGS Minor.

Please NOTE that as earlier, students have to take TWO CORE COURSES and TWO ELECTIVE COURSES.

For your reference, the two templates have been contrasted below:

S.No. Core Courses
Before July 2021 After July 2021
1 CGS 601 [09] CGS601[09]
2 BSE656 [09] or CGS609A [09] CGS609A [09]
Elective Courses
Before July 2021 After July 2021
1 CGS 702A CGS621A: Introduction to Psycholinguistics (no prereqs)
2 CGS698D CGS691A: Mind: Philosophical Investigations (prereq: CGS601)
3 SE367A CGS698D: Neurobiology of Affect & Motivation (even semester, prerequisite: CGS609A: Cognitive Neuroscience)
4 CS781A CGS698C: Bayesian data analysis and modelling (CGS600A or equivalent or previous knowledge of Python/R. CGS602A or equivalent)
5 CS782A CGS698E: Topics in Visual Perception (prereq: CGS601)
6 CS784A CS779A: Statistical NLP
7 CS785A BSE662A: Decision Making and the Brain
8 CS786A: Computational Cognitive Science BSE656A: Neurobiology
9 CS789A CS786A: Computational Cognitive Science
10 ENG748A
11 ENG760A
12 PHI444A
13 PHI452A
14 PHI758A
15 PSY499A
16 PSY760A
17 PSY770A
18 PSY772A
19 PSY789A
20 PSY790A