Last updated: 16 October 2023


Masterclass #16 Mastering The Tech Trek- Understanding learning processes

Human learning is a complex process and, in this Masterclass, Dr. Anveshna will describe through a few concrete examples how understanding the learning process can enable educators and learners to efficiently and effectively integrate technological resources in pedagogy.[watch live]

Online Lecture
How blind children in India helped answer a 300 year old question about cognition

Prof. Sinha discussed his project Prakash which is helping children in India recover the ability to see. His work involved both ways to restoring sightedness and how individuals see the world upon recovery, for instance can people recognize shapes from sight alone immediately after being able to see. His spoke about how this work allowed him to solve the Molyneux Problem.

Online Lecture
Adaptive decision-making and Occam's razor

In this talk, Prof. Gold detailed the work his lab has been doing on perceptual decision making. He discussed with us his efforts over the years in trying to model how humans collect perceptual evidence in favour of a decision. He spoke about how he has been trying to model this form of decision making in a simpler and adaptive way, where models do not over-fit data and allow for variance seen in human performance.

Online Lecture
How temporal constraints help define the limits of perception, attention and working memory

Prof. Melcher discussed in his talk results from behavioural and neuroimaging studies that showed temporal constraints on perception, attention and memory. He presented us with results showing the temporal regularities over which these cognitive processes operate. Ultimately to explain how visual systems may construct percepts over time.

Online Lecture
Nearly two decades to nearly complete a research program: Past, present, and future of the Adaptive Rewiring project

Online Lecture
An introduction to linear mixed models

In his talk, Prof. Vasisth discussed the basic composition of the frequentist linear mixed modeling framework (including generalized linear models). He covered the following topics: shrinkage, model comparison, model evaluation using simulated data, and power analyses using the linear mixed model.

Online Lecture
Subjective time and self in ordinary and altered states of consciousness: a case for the embodiment of time

An expert on time perception, Prof. Wittmann gave a talk on relating concepts of self, body and perceived time. His work explores states of altered consciousness (meditation, experience under psychotropic substances etc). In his talk, he discussed how sense of self and time are altered during such experiences.