Last updated: 06 May 2022

Interview Schedule for Admission to PhD Programme 2022

  • The interviews will be held from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM each day at the Department of Cognitive Science, Block-'C', near Flight Lab, IIT Kanpur.
  • How to Reach:
    • You have to enter from IIT Gate No-2 and continue the road about 500 meters away then the department building is on your right side. View in Google Maps

Day-1 (18 May, 2022)
Application Ref. No. Name
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210000880 Prasad Mane
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210001076 Kashish Parnami
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210001486 Indulekha Selvan
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210002455 Kriti Verma
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210003896 Asif Abbas
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210003992 Aditi
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210004481 Prakash Mishra
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210004709 Kabir Ghosh
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210004751 Aadya Ranjan
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210005121 Vaibhavi Gupta
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210005671 Mihna Amanullah Arakkal
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210005945 Arjun Ashok
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210007652 Ruderaksh Baigra
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210007984 Sakina Ali
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210005513 Devanshi Verma

Day-2 (19 May, 2022)
Application Ref. No. Name
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210000943 Sivabalamanigandan S
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210001189 Syed Owais Bukhari
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210002636 Suraj Kumar
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210003671 Hariharan Ramchandra Purohit
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210005272 Sumita Palit
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210005865 Rishav Raj
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210007141 Sarang Shirish Nandedkar
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210007732 Yogesh Kumar Singh
IITKPG1/Ph.D/CGS/2210008139 Sonali Rout
Interviews will be held offline at the Department of Cognitive Science, IIT Kanpur. In case of any problem send the mail to or call 0512-679-4007.