Rhythms in the Brain - Workshop on Deep Oscillatory Neural Network Models and Translational Applications

V Srinivasa Chakravarthy, Nurani Rajagopal Rohan, Sayan Ghosh, Anirban Bandhopadhyay

Department of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology Madras


Pragathi Priyadharsini Balasubramani, Amal Jude Ashwin, Sanket Shiddaram Houde, Gokul Krishna Raja, Hari Prakash Tiwari

Department of Cognitive Science, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

This pre-conference workshop presents theoretical and practical aspects of understanding brain rhythms and their modulation, using deep oscillatory neural networks and Electroencephalography. It is organized so that theory and practical sessions are interspersed.

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Please note that the workshop has a limited number of seats - 30. Please go the above link and fill in the registration form to register for the workshop. The organizers will then send you the registration and payment details over mail.