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Welcome to CogSciConnect, your community-driven portal for academic and industry positions related to Cognitive Science. The portal provides a centralised location for position postings, making it easier for students to find opportunities and for recruiters to access a larger pool of talent. Anyone can post positions on the portal, including recruiters and those who come across exciting opportunities online. CogSciConnect will save you time, give you access to a broader range of positions and connect you with a wider cognitive science community.

As a not-for-profit project developed and maintained by a small team at IIT-Kanpur, the portal depends on active participation from users like you to build a valuable resource for the cognitive science community. Whether you're a student looking for your next opportunity or a recruiter seeking top talent, your participation is critical to the portal's success.

We are operating as a position repository and plan to provide position recommendations to students and profile recommendations to recruiters in future versions. We are continually working to improve the site, so please don't hesitate to provide feedback or suggestions below.


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