The admission committee has recommended the following names for selection in the MS and PhD programs in Cognitive Science at IIT Kanpur for the year 2020. This list is provisional and subject to the approval of the Institute authorities.

MS program (recommended)

  • Rishabh Sachdev
  • Niralee Gupta
  • Pritam Laskar
  • Moulshree Rana
  • Samarth Mehrotra
  • Ankoju Bhanu Prakash
  • Saee Patkar
  • Shivani Rakesh Pande
  • Abin Antony
  • Rasika Lokhande
  • Samrudh B Govindraj
  • Sanika Prakash Patil
  • Sarthak Kataria

PhD program (recommended)

  • Shilpi Bhardwaj
  • Roshan Jayarajan
  • Ishan Singhal
  • Ramya Mudumba
  • Rishabh Bajpai
  • Nayana Raj
  • Sweta Basu

Details of the admission procedure are available here.


  1. Candidates are listed in order of application reference number
  2. There is no waitlist
  3. Formal call letters will be sent to all selected candidates in a couple of days